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Partner Organizations

VoteRiders (LINK) is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that focuses on informing and assisting voters with voter ID. 


Some of the services by VoteRiders include:

  • Providing state-specific, wallet-sized Voter ID Information Cards (link here) that are available in English and Spanish for all 50 states and DC.

  • There is a voter ID chatbot (link here) that is available via SMS and Facebook. Those who contact the chatbot are first asked what language they prefer (English/Spanish) and then what state they reside. They then receive an automated reply with a description of that state's voter ID law with a link to our Helpline and a link to a .pdf of our Voter ID Information Cards. We are teaming with multiple organizations to use this as the core of a peer-to-peer networking campaign.

  • They have a national helpline (1-844-338-8743) which assists voters with any voter ID questions. They also help voters obtain a state issued ID (and any of the underlying documents needed) in states where there are voter ID laws and cover any associated fees.

The ACTION project was inspired by the pivotal role patients, physicians, and medical students can play in the future of this country. There are seldom people who can speak more powerfully about the adverse impacts of health policy legislation than patients who are struggling to access or afford proper healthcare—especially in the wake of a pandemic. 

As medical students, we feel a tremendous responsibility to elevate the voices of our future patients. Our goal is to empower patients to elect officials that they believe will be more representative of their community and health needs. The ACTION project is designed to increase health equity in Cook County through easier and more accessible voter registration. We will assist patients to take the first step towards becoming civically involved by registering them to vote during their out-patient clinic appointment.

We believe patient empowerment is the first step to a healthier democracy.

- We are a coalition of health professionals and students.

- We are non-partisan.

- We are committed to helping our peers and patients register to vote and vote safely this November.

Civic Health Month is a nonpartisan effort. Our goal is to increase civic engagement among all patients and providers because much of our healthcare system and healthcare experiences are determined by the policies our elected officials implement. We are nonpartisan because we believe in a truly democratic process and aspire towards an American democracy that is inclusive to all. Civic Health Month does not support or oppose any political party or candidate for office, nor do we take any positions on specific policy issues. Rather, we hope that everyone takes it upon themselves to be politically engaged and informed so that they can vote for those that best represent their interests. Any and all views expressed by individuals or partners are their own and do not constitute the views or position of Civic Health Month as a whole.

RetireGuide is a free web resource dedicated to providing useful information to help older adults fulfill their retirement goals. Click below for their easy-to-understand non-partisan, educational guide on voting in 2020. This free resource addresses how to safely vote this November and dives into some of the issues that matter to seniors such as the future of prescription drug prices, Medicare, Social Security, and more.

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