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Ballots must be returned to the supervisor of elections for the county by 7pm on Election Day to be counted.


If you are unable to attend your polling place in person on Election Day, you may be eligible to vote by vote-by-mail ballot. To vote by emergency vote-by-mail ballot, a voter must request a ballot from your county supervisor of elections.

Make sure you are registered before you apply to vote by absentee ballot.


You can confirm your registration by visiting the Voter Registration lookup page.

An authorized designee may pick up a ballot any time within 5 days of election day including election day.

A designee is limited to picking up a ballot for himself or herself, for members of his or her immediate family, and for up to 2 other voters per election.

A designee must deliver the ballot to the county supervisor of elections by 7pm on Election Day.


101.62 Request for vote-by-mail ballots.—

The supervisor shall provide a vote-by-mail ballot to each elector by whom a request for that ballot has been made by one of the following means:

- By nonforwardable, return-if-undeliverable mail to the elector’s current mailing address on file with the supervisor or any other address the elector specifies in the request.

- By personal delivery before 7 p.m. on election day to the elector, upon presentation of the identification required in s. 101.043.

- By delivery to a designee on election day or up to 5 days prior to the day of an election.

Except as provided in s. 101.655, the supervisor may not deliver a vote-by-mail ballot to an elector or an elector’s immediate family member on the day of the election unless there is an emergency, to the extent that the elector will be unable to go to his or her assigned polling place. If a vote-by-mail ballot is delivered, the elector or his or her designee shall execute an affidavit affirming to the facts which allow for delivery of the vote-by-mail ballot.

Check if you are registered to vote at vote.org or at the Florida Voter Information lookup page

Request an emergency ballot from your county supervisor of elections

Fill out the application.

Fill out affidavit for a designee to pick up your ballot, if needed


Fill out an affidavit for a designee to deliver your ballot, if needed

Your designee must drop off your ballot at your county supervisor of elections office by 7PM on Election Day


A link to the contact information and addresses for county supervisors of elections is HERE


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